Energy Rebates On Now!

Gaslight Heat Services has the experience and knowledge of getting you started in the energy rebates. Book a heating System Upgrade with us to start taking advantage of the Rebates offered by CleanBC on Heat Pumps, Mini-Split and Multi-Split Systems with Combination systems, Heat, and Hot Water ( Rebates up to $8,000 with Municipal Top ups).
For Gas Rebates Offered on Fireplaces, Furnace, and Hot Water systems see FortisBC. In addition to rebates from CleanBC and FortisBC, there are Municipal rebates available. Call us ASAP and we will set you up with a FREE In-Home Estimate on the best solutions to take advantage of the current Heating and Cooling solutions. Let Gaslight Heat Services help you maximize energy efficiency and leave a smaller carbon footprint by taking advantage of these rebates. Call Us to learn more about the applicable rebates from CleanBC and FortisBC